HaRan  Kim
Ya Sadiqi_NewReel_2017Floating Chandelier_ AllFloating Islands_Part B_ All_2016Floating Islands-Part B & CFloating Islands_Part A & BFloating Islands_Part BFloating Islands_Part BFloating ChandelierFloating Chandelier_2016Floating Chandelier
_IIFloating Chandelier ( in detail )Floating Islands- Part CFloating Islands-Part CFloating islands_Part AAFloating islands_Part A_2016Thesis work_Part A_ ccFloating islands_Part B_PaperGarden_IFloating islands-2016_Part A 003Floating islands-Part AFloating islands-Virtual environments projectSphere projectSphere ProjectSphere projectChandlier-2015Candle_2015crochet-2015Paper Garden_IPaper Garden_IIPaper garden_III
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