HaRan  Kim
Koth BiroCancion para AlbaCancion para Alba_V1ArirangKara VaiMakobi Kath Birothe Heron and the Dove-2the Heron and the Dove-1the Heron and the Dovethe Lark-3the Lark-2the LarkYa SadiqiQuem DiriaThree Blind MiceAs I was Going to St.IvesBird Courting Song-IIBird Courting SongBloomingSongs Project_IIIBloomingSongs Project-IIBloomingSongs project-1
BloomingSongs Project:
BloomingSongs is a community music collection, representative of a variety of genres, all within the Bloomington, Indiana community. Created especially for youth, BloomingSongs creates ways for children to interact with music with which they may be unfamiliar. Engaging with such a diverse collection not only provides developmentally stimulating music, but fosters open-mindedness, understanding, and empathy. Engaging in community music connects our children to their neighboring families, coming from lands both near and far, and songs of then and now.