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Still Moving

”Still Moving”
Experimental Animation Exhibition
August.23_October 1.2021
The Department of Computer Graphic Technology ,
Purdue University, IN,USA

TITLE_Still Moving

This exhibition highlights artists who utilise concepts of motion and animation in both their practices and in the works presented. The works displayed illuminate the ever-present conceptual tension between the moving image we perceive and the static image of which it is constructed. Four artists, representing different ways of making, share their works which ‘animate’ at multiple levels, utilizing projection and lens technology to integrate motion, sculpture, static image, and altered perceptions of time and space. Movement - whether on the screen or in the eye - is both visual and conceptual in these works. The materiality of motion and its new dimensions of visual language pervade the production space of the artists as well as the gallery space.
Rather than using animation only as a vehicle of narrative, the artists included explore motion as a way of expanding the materiality of physical objects into a new realm.
Esteban Garcia Bravo, PhD /Associate Professor
Department of Computer Graphics Technology, Purdue University