• ”Still Moving”_Experimental Animation Exhibition

    ”Still Moving”_Experimental Animation Exhibition

    ”Still Moving”
    Experimental Animation Exhibition
    August.23_October 1.2021
    The Department of Computer Graphic Technology ,
    Purdue University, IN,USA

    TITLE_Still Moving

    This exhibition highlights artists who utilise concepts of motion and animation in both their practices and in the works presented. The works displayed illuminate the ever-present conceptual tension between the moving image we perceive and the static image of which it is constructed. Four artists, representing different ways of making, share their works which ‘animate’ at multiple levels, utilizing projection and lens technology to integrate motion, sculpture, static image, and altered perceptions of time and space. Movement - whether on the screen or in the eye - is both visual and conceptual in these works. The materiality of motion and its new dimensions of visual language pervade the production space of the artists as well as the gallery space.
    Rather than using animation only as a vehicle of narrative, the artists included explore motion as a way of expanding the materiality of physical objects into a new realm.
    Esteban Garcia Bravo, PhD /Associate Professor
    Department of Computer Graphics Technology, Purdue University

  • New Website_www.harankim.com

    I'm building a new website focusing on new works.

  • "Richard Noyce's statement for Haran Kim"

    Richard Noyce. http://www.artwriter.co.uk

    With her acute sensibilities and her highly developed technical skills across a wide range of mediums and materials
    Ha Ran Kim bridges South Korean and American cultural influences, and also the gulf between traditional and digital means of producing images. Her versatility encompasses works as various as highly complex and beautifully wrought books, exquisite ceramic figures and digital video works. The manner in which she is able to combine a range of different mediums leads to the production of highly original narratives. It is not surprising that she has already built a considerable record of exhibitions and awards in both South Korea and the United States. While her works are largely figurative in nature, and deal with imaginary worlds that have some of their origins in 19th century story books, they stay clear of presenting simple romanticized portrayals. This comes from the hints of a darker edge that accompany much of her work, an awareness that fragility and strength can coexist without contradiction, and understanding that a work can be created in such a way as to be open to multiple interpretations. The combination of a ceramic diorama and digital video projection offers a fresh and challenging blend of stillness and motion, with intimations of both dream and reality.

    ------May, 2016, from Essays for the MFA Catalog by Richard Noyce, Freelance writer, curator, lecturer, and artist----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • "BloomingSongs project"

    2017 Bloomingsong, Monroe Public Library (April,9),
    Ivy Tech John Waldron Fine Art Center (May,6),Bloomington,IN

    The BloomingSongs Project :
    2016 BUEA Arts Grant Recipient

    The BloomingSongs song-commissioning project combines musical talents of Bloomington-affiliated composers and musicians. Composers use cultural folk idioms to create children’s pieces that tap into basic musical ideas: dynamics, form, tempo, steady beat, rhythm and voices. BloomingSongs belong to the families of Bloomington, representing its diversity and talent.

    Maggie Olivo, BloomingSongs’ founder, is the music teacher at University Elementary School and directs IU JSOM’s Musical Beginnings program. With a bachelors in music composition and a Masters of Arts Teaching Certificate, both from the IU Jacobs School of Music, she’s received training in Feierabend’s First Steps, Musikgärten, Kodály, and Orff-Keetman Schulwerk. She’s presented workshops throughout Indiana to early childhood specialists, and music teachers.

    Musical Beginnings is an early childhood music and movement program that provides children with developmentally appropriate musical experiences through singing, dancing, poetry, listening, and playing simple instruments. The Musical Beginnings music teacher family includes: Maggie Olivo, Tiffany Bowen, Abigail Furr, Maggie Olivo, Danielle Priest, Christian Purdy, Bridget Rinehimer, and Malin Sunstein.

  • *HA RAN KIM_Thesis Exhibition*

    " Floating Islands "
    Grunwald Gallery, Indiana Univerisity,Bloomington, IN, USA

  • "VOLUME"

    Feb.20~26, 2014
    Group Exhibition
    BookArt & 2D work of Selected Korean Book artists
    Gallery Coohaus Art, New York City

  • "Spatial Shift",Gallry Project-www.thegalleryprojct.com

    Gallery Project is located in the heart of Ann Arbor.
    215 South Fourth Avenue
    Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104
    P (734) 997-7012

    Mar 7 - May 15: Spatial Shift: Opening Reception~ Friday, March 9

    Many of our traditionally spatial experiences are flattening. We are becoming a society addicted to the digital screen—often in awe of its novelty and new capabilities. Technology can represent physical interaction through digital forms, but substantive experience with dimension is inherently omitted. As tactile relationships are condensed to the two-dimensional, much is lost in translation.

    Spatial Shift is a cultural phenomenon—a reaction to the coldness, abstraction, and disconnection of the digital world. It is a call to embrace the physical and dimensional. Reunite the two- and three-dimensional for the sake of basic human experience through the five senses.

    Such interaction enhances our understanding of our environment and world. From an artist/designer's perspective, this can question why creative work is generally flat, and if the integration of volume can emphasize the message. How does material potential and tangible exchange enrich the maker's connection to the work throughout the creative process? What media is assumed to be two-dimensional, but has three-dimensional opportunities? How can a piece incite the viewer/audience to actively interact?

  • "Between you and me"

    2011 Overseas Artsist Exchange Exhibition
    Nov.12~Dec.24,2011,Samwon paper gallery,Seoul,Korea

    “Between You and Me” artist book exhibition is the foreign interchange exhibition.
    The participants are composed of Univ. batch mates during the period of studying abroad, teachers and students and other co-artists who met each other in their artistic activities. So, these domestic and foreign artists who gather together through their tight bonds and links make up a one team (each team is composed of 1 Korean artist and 1 foreign artist) to create and exhibit their various artistic expressions as the form of book arts.

    All the participants in this exhibition have different social, cultural background. However, they also are all in one boundary; artists. Even though they have been lived in different countries and regions for long time they still maintaining intimate talks and friendship together through the common world of art.

    We are so much excited and also are expecting that the “Between You and Me” exhibition can introduce the brand new world of book arts resulting from various expressions that directs a “harmony”, which is the collectiveness that comprehensively integrates each and every participants’ emotions and expressions in a manner of collaborated work.

  • "Matereality: Material + Reality"

    2011.9.26 ~10. 21
    Park Eul Bok Embroidery Museum,Seoul Korea

  • "Printmaking& Information"

    Orgnazed by the Korean Contemporary Printmaking Association,
    Seoul Museum of Art,Gyeonghuigung Annex,Seoul,Korea

    *"2011 Seoul International Book Fair' Coex Exhibition Hall,Seoul,Korea

  • " *The Exchange Portfolio Transitory Impressions*",

    March 16~19,2011 St Louis,U.S.A
    " The Exchange Portfolio Transitory Impressions",
    at the SGC Conference "Equilibrium"