HaRan  Kim
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< PART 1 >

I have been interested in describing a journey that is recalled or imagined. My work can be considered as a visual record of my memories on a journey. I always have a desire for places or things that I have not yet traversed. I am trying to find a way to illustrate reflections and transitions that occur with my memories of being in a place.
In the recent works, I wanted to convey an atmosphere that seems to float or flow freely in my work. I like to create a mood with inspirations I have received from wind, clouds, air, a little floating weed on the water and so on. I feel a free flowing movement and wonderment when I observe these elements that seem never to be stuck anywhere. I become awakened and feel the joy of wonderment when the scent of a breeze vanishes peacefully, the sound of a raindrop fades away quietly, and the vestige of a cloud disappears naturally through my work.
I will keep on searching for these elements and try to find a way to transform them into my own symbols floating in my work. I like to see them become vehicles traveling through my imaginary space. I would like to invite viewers to take a ride and make their own journey with my work.

- year of 2010 -

< PART 2 - 2015 >
For the past two years, I have been working on a project that is a combination of video works and ceramics. I project moving images on the surfaces of the ceramics. I create small installation works that are combinations of ceramics and video works. I have been working with a theme, “Journey” for the past and creating moments of floating objects for my work as a way to express my feeling of journeys that I imagine.

I like to make an installation that seems to float on the surface of my work. I see an object I created could invite me on another journey to an imaginary space. I would like to make some floating objects that recall my childhood memories that make me depart on another journey.

Dolls, very thin fabrics, and leaves are the basic elements for my ceramic works. Currently, I am working on making a ceramic doll head, hands and legs and display them on a ceramic work that is similar to the shape of my mom’s old dresser. I’d like to make a ceramic stage that is based on my town, my house, my room and my belongings from my childhood. I would like to create some moments I had at the old house when I was a child and to bring my childhood memories into the small installation works.
I would like to express my feelings about when ordinary things around my daily life trigger me suddenly to recall my old memories. I like to capture a moment when memories of my childhood, that are in an unconscious state, suddenly become so vivid that I recall other memoirs of my childhood in detail. Every object I make could be a station for me to depart to another space and time.

I would like to create animation works of knitting motions and the animation works will be projected onto the dress of the doll. The animations of the motions of sewing, weaving and knitting represent of my memories of comfort and coziness given to me by my mother. I would like to have an animation to describe the times when I felt consolation and warmth.

I create works to describe my nostalgia for my childhood memories and I am looking for a way for capturing the moments when my childhood memories become so clear my current daily life. My works could be a ticket for me to go to imaginary places I never been but I have been longing for.

- year of 2015 -