HaRan  Kim

I am a Digital Artist passionate about designing and creating mixed-reality experiences using physical and virtual or augmented reality.
I am interested in working on installation arts combinations of mixed reality with interactive digital media arts.

For the past three years, I have been working on my current project, which combines digital art, ceramics, and sculptural objects. I have been researching for creating artistic and inspiring digital installation works that combine Mixed reality, projection mapping, and 3D Modeling. I want to expand my knowledge and skill-sets to work for designing artistic experiences in mixed reality. I am also interested in working with e-textile, soft sculpture, holograms, 3D printing, and Kinetic arts.

I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University, with a Master of Entertainment Technology, in May 2020. I earned an MFA in Digital Art and an MFA in Printmaking from Indiana University Bloomington. I received a BFA from Hongik University, majoring in printmaking in Seoul, South Korea.

My educational training has provided me with broad artistic knowledge, including Mixed reality world design, Game design, 3d Modeling, Digital art, Video art, Time based Media, Digital installations, Book art, Ceramics, and Printmaking. I have been practicing art for over 20 years with various media.

I am a lifelong learner, and I'm trying to continue intensive research on new media. My further research aims to explore new media more closely and combine them with cutting-edge technologies related to experimental media to achieve projects that allow viewers and users to have an exciting and aesthetic experience.

I describe my nostalgia for my childhood memories through my work, and I am looking to capture the moments when my childhood memories become so clear in my current daily life. My works could be a ticket for me to go to imaginary places I have never been, but I have been longing for.

My work explores my childhood memories – <something specific like the sound of my neighbor's baby, the winding roads in my neighborhood, the excitement of wearing my first dress that my mother made>. As I reconstruct the old memories through clay, virtual environment, video mapping, and sound, the memories expand and often stretch into imaginary places that I've never been. While integrating the tangible objects with the abstract, virtually constructed environments, the nostalgia from my unconscious mind becomes an active, living story. I study the complex and evolving sentiment around my memories by combining the traditional medium and cutting-edge technologies, old memories, imaginary worlds, and eastern and western cultures.