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Projection Mapping


WATERx is a hybrid concert/art installation exploring the unconscious in an immersive journey across five landscapes of
Five composers, five landscapes. The music of WATERx travels through five landscapes, each investigating a different state of
mind, inviting visitors to consider the erratic memories and slippery self-deceptions that hide in the deepest parts of us.
Digital artist Haran Kim also shares her vibrant portfolio of fixed media works and experimental animations, using
innovative projection mapping technology to re-sculpt New England Conservatory’s historic Brown Hall into a probing
tribute to
the self-trans formative potential of art.
—-Funding for this project was made possible by The Robert Turnbull Piano Foundation and NEC Entrepreneurial
Special thanks also to Fred Frumberg and Annie Phillips for their advice and support in creating WATERx!
Project director: